Stealth Design Project


This project had a focus on introducing enemies and spaceplanning. The player arrives at a science complex to activate a radar tower just before sunrise, they must complete their mission while more and more employees arrive at the complex.

About my level

  • Developed over 4 weeks half time

  • Developed in Unreal Engine 4

About The Level


The level takes place on an oceanside research facility, built around a large spinning observatory.

I wanted to incorporate
many different modes of transportation to and from the base. There is a garage, airplane hangar, helicopter pad and a port. I wanted to use all of these locations to introduce guards and researchers naturally.

My level takes place
just around daybreak, when the sun starts rising and all personnel arrive to work.

I wanted the player to really
get to know the whole base to later come back and choose the escape route they see best fit. I used the central observatory as a HUB. The player would enter one area, then have to cross the observatory to get to the next, which builds a mental map in the players head.


Timelapse of the blockout process

Creating A Living Base


As the player arrives, only guards are awake.

Player notices smoke from the kitchen as the first sign of the base waking up.


My goal was for every NPC to have their own routine. This was an impossible task during a four week project so I settled with teleporting mannequins back and fourth during different times of the morning.

When the player first arrives I only wanted
guards to patrol the building, creating natural stealth gameplay.

Once the player makes it up to the dining area they will notice that the
chefs have started to cook in the kitchen, the first sign of the shift towards daytime.

From this point onward the player will notice boats, cars and helicopters arriving as
employees start their shift at the base.

Designing the level around a couple hours in the morning was an
interesting challenge. With more time this level could evolve into something amazing!


Employees gathered in the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

Introducing Enemies

Cars with employees arriving to the base.

Helicopter landing outside the diner.

My focus for this level was to always have an answer for the question "why is this character here?".

Historically in games we have thought too little about the logic of why enemies are where they are. I wanted to create a level where every character had
a reason to exist.

Some employees sleep at the base, while others arrive with various vehicles in the morning. As more employees arrive at the facility,
the difficulty ramps up.

I wanted to invoke
a feeling of panic in the player as more and more vehicles arrive at the base.