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My individual projects that I feel show what kind of designer I am.


CO-OP Design Project

It Takes Two inspired third person couch co-op level. Working as a team to create a playeable level.
Focus Areas: Game Design,
Level Design & Technical Design.


Action Design Project

Boss Battle level against a giant metal centipede.
Focus Areas:
Level Design & Technical Design.


Stealth Design Project

Inspired by the Hitman series. 
Focus Areas:
Level Design


Projects that are important to me, but if you are on a time budget, then the projects above paint the full picture.


SUPERHOT Design Project

Recreating SUPERHOT and highlighting the mechanics in a level.
Focus Areas: Level Design
 & Technical Design.

New Project (10).png

Battle Royale Design Project

Inspired by PUBG. Analyzing an existing level and creating my own 8x8km map.
Focus Areas:
Level Design


Full game experiences made at The Game Assembly working tightly together with

Programmers, Animators, Artists & Technical Artists

These games run on game engines that we as a group construct from scratch.


Runner Game

Frosty Rush

In the worlds coldest environment an even cooler penguin is trying to escape a brutal icebreaker. Slide, Swim, Waddle and Flap your way away from your inevitable death.

FaeWalkers (Cringe).png

Mobile Puzzle Game

Faewalkers: A Story Of Two Sisters

Turn the world upside down and bring your sister back from the Darkness to the Wilds.



Weedrats: Journey to the qube

An alien army has devastated the Earth! Chase after them and avenge humanity with an arsenal of upgradable, awesome weapons!

Inner Peace.png

2D Platformer

Inner Peace

Brave the dangers of the overgrown temple and discover its secrets, to prove that Sophoun is as brave as her friends.


Top-Down Adventure


Solve puzzles and defeat monsters to save the kidnapped nifflings from an evil, hungry witch.


Hack n Slash

Spite: The Drained Hollows

The god has drained the swamp from its water and created a maze with high root walls. You're sent to investigate where the water went and to get rid of the corrupted animals.

New Project (11).png

Third Person Platformer


Jump, expore and solve puzzles along a mountain in rural Japan to help a little hatchling get back to it's nest placed on the top of a churning factory.


Project 8

Not Yet Announced

Our final project with our group before we all scatter and begin our internships.

This is a bigger project that will span 9 weeks full time.

Group size: 15 game developers

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